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RSHL Application

Thank you for you interest in the RSHL, submitting an application does not guarantee that you'll be accepted, nor that you'd be the "next in line". The RSHL strives to be one of the premiere FHL leagues, in order to do so, we require high quality, dedicated GM's.

The RSHL is 100% NHL based rerates league, and we use our own system to create the ratings.

If you believe that is you, then fill out all the questions listed below, with as much detail as possible. If accepted you'll be contacted as a spot becomes available.

RSHL Commissioner

Your Name:
Your Email:
Home town:
Your Most used messaging tool:
How did you hear about the RSHL:
What FHL experience do you have:
Do you have a personal connection with any current GM within the RSHL:
What positive attributes would you bring to the RSHL:
How many leagues do you currently belong to?:
How active of an FHL GM would you consider yourself to be by rating yourself out of 10?:
Please note that you accept the terms and conditions of section 16 of the rules page and please state what section 16 is?:
Understanding there could be a delay before receiving a potential response, are you willing to go on the waiting list?