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Rumour has it...

Laughing all the way to the draft

Rangers should send a Xmas present to Bruins. He got 6 firsts and 2 seconds from the Bruins and still kept his best forward, best dman and best goalie.

11/21/2022 9:48:56 AM PT | Comments


4 trades this year all with Boston. Someone living in someone’s head.

11/21/2022 10:06:28 AM PT

No, someone taking advantage of a really bad g.m

11/21/2022 11:58:58 AM PT

Bruins getting ripped constantly for being a bad GM and he doesn't cry and insult people. Not a good GM but a very adult like person. Congrats on being a better person....then some. Love you Andrew!

11/21/2022 3:54:30 PM PT

It's supposed to be fun right, just enjoying the league and some of the kids here.

11/21/2022 4:52:53 PM PT

You guys are all chicken shit hiding behind your anonymous comments. If you have a problem with the way I deal or do business then reach out and we can discuss. Rangers GM.

11/23/2022 11:12:57 AM PT

Another example of how awesome Andrew is.

11/23/2022 4:45:12 PM PT

That is aggressive… rangers stacked the future that bruins worked so hard to trade for.

11/23/2022 8:34:44 PM PT

Could everyone just accept that Andrew likes to trade? I don't imagine he's dreaming about winning the cup in the immediate future... and by the way "awesome" is subjective, and he's > that poster

11/24/2022 9:05:00 PM PT

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