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Boston Bruins:  11.1111111111111%  11%
Montreal Canadiens:  77.7777777777778%  78%
Fair Trade:  11.1111111111111%  11%
Tuesday, November 15, 2022

To Bruins: Martin Jones
To Canadiens: EDM 21 Rnd 2


2nd round pick for a low rated ufa goalie that you can't re sign.....good grief Boston is lost

11/16/2022 8:02:32 AM PT

Just giving away picks!

11/16/2022 9:24:44 AM PT

To be fair he can always trade for an extension.

11/16/2022 10:29:08 AM PT

Going rate is a 3rd for an extension, now everyone knows hes desperate so it becomes a 2nd. 2x2nds for an old backup goalie for a rebuilding team. Where is this going?

11/16/2022 11:51:51 AM PT

Addressing a need atm.

11/16/2022 1:15:20 PM PT

It's going wherever I want lol

11/17/2022 5:06:46 PM PT

Ahhh in the shitter, got it.

11/19/2022 11:08:11 AM PT

Living in your head lol

11/19/2022 2:05:54 PM PT

Obviously not living in your own! Mic drop

11/19/2022 3:07:07 PM PT

Drop by anytime.

11/19/2022 4:27:54 PM PT

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