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Who Won? (10)
San Jose Sharks:  30%  30%
Boston Bruins:  60%  60%
Fair Trade:  10%  10%
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

To Sharks: Alex Vlasic, Joseph Veleno
To Bruins: Vladimir Tarasenko, COL 22 Rnd 2


San Jose goes from mentoring Bruins to ripping off the Bruins

11/29/2023 9:03:34 PM PT

Looks like he's doing ok to me

11/30/2023 6:45:51 AM PT

The student has become the teacher

11/30/2023 7:43:20 AM PT

Please write your criticisms of the Sharks trades on a piece of paper so that I can put them in either of my 2 cups. Signed SJ

11/30/2023 9:02:30 AM PT

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